StockBOSS for the laboratory

Accuracy and efficiency - as vital in your stock system as they are in your lab.

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StockBOSS was created by Element Materials Technology Laboratory Solutions UK Limited, a company with over 30 years of serving the analytical science sector.

With clients such as GSK and Thermo Fisher you can be sure StockBOSS is reliable and accurate. It’s also scaleable with the changing needs of your lab.

Scientific Innovation

At the vanguard of scientific advancement. We aid better science.

Supporting Cooperation

Scientists working with other scientists. Our stock software solution is built with a deep understanding of the people working across your organisation.

Helping Labs Reach Targets

We know that every aspect of analytical science plays into success. We’ll help you reach your revenue goals.


Stock BOSS is one of the many brainchildren of Element (formerly Crawford Scientific). We are a group of analytical scientists, serving the wider scientific community. We:
  • Distribute columns and consumables
  • Deliver training, consultancy, and e-learning
  • Provide a range of analytical services and regulatory support
At the vanguard of scientific advancement – always looking for the way forward.
Given our decades of collective scientific experience, we know what really matters to you in your lab – full visibilty and real-time control. Stock reordering and replenishment are handled automatically so you know exactly what you need and when you need it. Through our integrated app and desktop interface, all staff across your organisation can check and amend stock levels. Manage orders, deliveries, and the replenishment of stock with ease.